Turn any of your photos into a wonderful art!

Soulmate Gifts helps you turn your favorite photos into beautiful paintings easily. Our artists will create a custom artwork from your photo, making it a special piece for your home.

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Our personalized pet portraits are the perfect way to honor your furry friend. Our one-of-a-kind portraits, capture you pet's essence and personality in a stunning work of art.



"I recently ordered a portrait of my dog from and I am beyond impressed with the result! It captures every subtle detail and the final product looks just like my dog. I am so grateful to have this beautiful piece of art to display in my home. Thank you!"


How do I take a good photo?

1. Make sure the lighting in the room is good so you can see the detail of your pet's face.
2. Hold a ball or treat above your camera to focus your pet’s attention.
3. Make sure your camera is positioned head-on, showing the full face, including both ears.
4. The higher resolution of your photo, the better. Keep in mind that the photo will be scaled down, so some subtle features in the final product may not be as obvious.

Do you cut the face in the photo for me?

We cut out the face for you! We only use the face of your furry or not furry friend, all other details are cut out. Just send us a high-quality photo and we'll do the rest!
If your pet or the person in the photo has an accessory, hat, or collar that you want to keep (or remove), please include these details in the Ordering Information.

How many pets can I print on a product?

For best results, in regards to print quality, we recommend that you upload a picture with each pet separately. If you like you could upload a picture with 1-2 pets but each pet's face would come out smaller than usual.
We can print up to 3 faces.

Can I see a preview of how my product will look?

Yes, we will supply a product preview within 24-48 hours after the purchase and wait for your approval. If we won't receive approval in 48 hours we will proceed with the design as is. Please check your email for any updates!